Mosquito Bites Were The Only Action I got all summer

I got bit all over my legs, and when I say all over there is literally a billion and I’m pissed. So I decided to write a poem about it.

Mosquito, Mosquito

By: Ashley Nuss

Mosquito, Mosquito I want to cry what the fuck are you.

Mosquito, Mosquito I am not a meal.

Mosquito, Mosquito you ate more of me then I eat in 5 days.

Mosquito, Mosquito you made me ugly.

Mosquito, Mosquito go to africa, and get malaria, and give it to all the bad people there for doing stuff to women. Better yet come back after and give it to this bitch Eva.

Mosquito, Mosquito my life is already enough of a joke, thanks for making me look like I have the herp all over my legs.

Fuck you, Mosquito Mosquito.




Get this fucking thing away from me.


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